Commissioners Approve Snow Guard Quote

WAYNE – The majority of Tuesday morning’s regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioner meeting was taken up when addressing the courthouse restoration project that is seeking a certificate of substantial completion.

Commissioners met in the Public Safety Annex Tuesday morning where they hosted the meeting virtually to the public.

The group reviewed the work yet to be completed and heard more information on the installation of additional snow guards on the roof to protect patrons walking on the sidewalk.

Commissioners eventually approved the quote $52,582 for the snow guards as the county will take care of yard work with the contractor being aware of not damaging the concrete. It would take six weeks for the material to be delivered and will be installed depending on weather.

Doug Elting with Berggren Architect was in attendance as council went over a leak in the roof that needs to be fixed before the warranty would begin on the shingles. The leak will be monitored and fixed as necessary as the contractor will have an issue pin-pointing the leak during the winter months with snow rather than rain.

A warranty for the courthouse restoration project would start at the date of the substantial completion certificate as if an item that is identified on the punch list is not complete it will stay on the list until it’s completed.

It was stated that 10% (roughly $200,000) of the project is being held back until the project is completed before final payment is made.

District #2 Commissioner Dean Burbach also received three state bids with two coming from Arnies Ford and another from Cornhusker Auto for a county truck. Commissioners approved the low bid of $34,480 for the chevy Silverado from Arnies.

Commissioners accepted a bid on a motor grader a few meetings ago and will now have to re-bid for another motor grader. District #3 Commissioner Jim Raabe is fine with using the same specifications as the last time.

The board also designated Elkhorn Valley Bank & Trust, Hoskins & Wayne, NE Branches; F&M Bank, Wayne, NE Branch; Farmers State Bank, Carroll, NE Branch; Madison County Bank dba Wayne County Bank, Winside, NE and State Nebraska Bank & Trust, Wayne, NE as county fund depositories for 2021.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.