Commissioners Approve Sidewalk And Curb Replacement Quote, Will Request Restoration Project Officials To Attend Next Meeting

WAYNE – County Commissioners in Wayne County took action on the lone quote they received for the partial courthouse sidewalk and curb replacement project along with discussing completion of the courthouse restoration project during Tuesday morning’s regularly scheduled meeting.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, the board amended their regular agenda and added the 4-H assistant position action item.

This would an interlocal agreement through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Commissioners voted 2-1 to not purse the position (Rabe voted to have position) with one of the main reason being the unknown of what if the state would raise their insurance and wages in how to budget for that. District 1 and District 2 Commissioners, Terry Sievers and Dean Burbach both had their concerns and would lean more towards a cost-share as they would like to be prepared in case insurance and wages change drastically.

Amy Topp, UNL Engagement Zone Coordinator approached the board about this potential option of hiring a University of Nebraska-Lincoln full-time 4-H assistant funded by the county during their May 18 board meeting.

County Attorney, Amy Miller added on a personal note that Wayne County would benefit from this position as other counties currently have these positions. Just like Topp, this 4-H assistant would have to approach the board for approval on purchases.

All three commissioners were not against the fact that this would benefit the county as Topp previously mentioned this individual would help reach out to more youth in Wayne County and focus mainly on the education aspect.


Commissioners also approved the quote of $13,400 from Jason Jorgensen to replace sidewalk in between the courthouse and sheriff’s office along with filling in the final corner of the courthouse property to match the others. District 3 Commissioner Jim Rabe will help save the county $1,800 by removing the concrete and rock.

No date was selected but it was brought up that late summer would be the time to do the work. The sidewalk will be able to withstand the snow removal equipment the county has and be seven feet wide for most of the sidewalk besides being 10 feet in width near the sheriff’s office to remove the rock.


Maintenance Worker at the courthouse, Pat Brentlinger will then be compiling a list to email each commissioner individually about which items still need to be completed on the courthouse restoration project. The board stated it’s been some time since someone from Kingery Construction or Berggren Architect has been to a meeting. They agreed that all parties will need to attend the next meeting and go over the punch list.


Commissioners also approved three Highway Allocation Fund Pledge Bonds. These principal payments totaled $2,081.25 for Series 2014; $11,968.75 for Series 2015 and $12,651.25 for Series 2019. The interest only payments will be addressed in December.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, June 15 at 9 a.m.