Commissioners Approve Employee Raises, Review Work Yet Complete For Courthouse Restoration Project

WAYNE – After back-and-forth discussion about employee raises and still waiting for a punch list with the Courthouse Restoration Project, Wayne County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday morning.

From the Public Safety Annex, the board first began the meeting by electing their chair and vice chair. Terry Sievers (District 1) will take over as the Board of Commissioners Chairman, Jim Rabe (District 3) will remain the Chairman for the Board of Equalization while Dean Burbach (District 2) will now be the vice-chair for both boards.

Moving further into the regular agenda, the board took action on employee raises and approved for a $1,500 raise along with keeping their health insurance the same for 2021. Employees will contribute 5% of the premium.

Initially Burbach and Rabe were on board for a $1,000 raise before Sievers made the statement he is short help and can’t get anyone to apply. County Clerk Deb Finn stated she budgeted for the $1,500.

The conversation was brought up about each commissioner could give their employees up to a $1,500 raise for the year as there would be roughly 40 employees receiving a raise but the raises come from the general budget.

Moving into the courthouse restoration discussion, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners pulled a claim for Kingery Construction until work is 100% complete.  It was the same claim that was tabled from a previous meeting.

The commissioners continue to state with no work being completed on the punch list they don’t feel comfortable in signing the Certificate of Substantial Completion. The agenda item was tabled again to give commissioners and county attorney time to look it over some more and until the leaks are fixed in the roof.

Keys have also been ordered for the third time for the east and south doors. If they don’t come in this time in 2-3 weeks, the board will go through a different company. The janitor or a commissioner have a key to a side door and have to open the main doors from the inside.

Doug Elting with Berggren Architect hasn’t received an initial punch list and had no further information to pass along.

The board did approve change order #4 for keys and snow guards totaling an increase of $53,092.95.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, January 19 at 9 a.m.