Commissioners Approve Budget, ARPA Grant Applications

WAYNE – After several meetings focused on getting the budget set, Tuesday morning’s Wayne County Board of Commissioners regular scheduled meeting saw the final approval.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, commissioners approved the 2022-23 budget.

Wayne County Budget Summary 9-6-22

Highlights from the budget include an increase of roughly $40,000 in the total tax dollar request but a decrease of two cents per $100 of valuation for the tax levy. Also, the tax rate will see an 8% decrease.

The 2022 operating budget did show a 19% increase, but $1.8 million of ARPA funds made up the bulk of the increase.

The general fund did include over $254,000 received from the wind energy first full-year Nameplate Capacity Tax payment as well as over $460,000 received in Wind Energy Cost Reimbursements for the road/bridge funds.

An estimated $160,000 in a state historical grant will be issued to Wayne County through the County Improvement Fund.

County Clerk, Deb Finn stated the budget went together really well as each of the commissioners thanked Deb for her work in putting the budget together.

Sandra Hansen, Disaster Recovery Specialist approached the board with four ARPA grant applications.

They included $47,627.60 to the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department for reimbursement of COVID expenses from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022; Wayne County Safety Committee applications of $8,700 for two-prebuilt tornado shelters in the districts of Winside and Carroll as well as $11,935 for six AED units to be spread out around the county and $238,523 for a Winside Fire and Rescue Department first response truck.

Each application was approved as no funds will be issued until an invoice is submitted. There is still roughly $1.5 million remaining in ARPA Funds through Wayne County.

The Winside grant would be broken down into two payments. One for the chassis, which the fire and rescue department has raised $75,000 for and then a second for the addition of the apparatus equipment.

A total of four bids were presented for two culverts as the low bidder of B’s Enterprises was accepted for $173,295.96 with installation of 8-12 weeks and 10-14 weeks. Mark Mainelli with Mainelli Wagner & Associates also joined Wayne County Highway Superintendent, Mark Casey discussing project engineering. The county will also be receiving over $72,000 back following the completion of CBMP5 which is 55% of what the total cost of the project ended up being.

Architect, Jill Brodersen also took in information for the courthouse window replacement project. She’ll plan on returning next meeting to be able to answer questions from the commissioners before going out for bids.

Wayne Area Economic Development Executive Director, Luke Virgil shared information on activities WAED was in charge of or a participant of. Last year, commissioners approved an increase from $8,200 to $10,000 for fiscal year 2022. Virgil requested the same amount for 2023 which was approved.

County Treasurer, Tammy Paustian wanted to get on the same page as the commissioners and is wanting to know if there are any major projects to plan for when it comes to interest rates and investments.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, September 20 at 9 a.m.