Commissioners Agree To Counter Proposal To Purchase ROW, Courthouse Restoration Project Addressed

WAYNE – Commissioners in Wayne County heard more information about purchasing a right-of-way for an upcoming project while punch list items from the ‘Courthouse Restoration’ project were also addressed.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, the Wayne County Board of Equalization first opened their meeting by correcting clerical errors and omitted properties for cell tower sites to put them on the tax roll for 2020. Since they’re not centrally assessed, there’s a difference in how they’re listed.

Moving into the Commissioners meeting, the board tabled an item to review specifications for a government bid on a pickup for District #2. It was stated that the specs were in correct.

Wayne County Emergency Manager, Nic Kemnitz also provided COVID-19 number updates.

Mark Casey, Highway Superintendent brought forward information about the counterproposal from Barelmann property for the ROW. The county is looking to purchase 3.92 acres from four different titled owners a mile and a half north of the Cuming County line on 579 RD. The original purchase agreement worked out from a previous commissioner was $35,000 but since the deal didn’t get complete Wayne County proposed an additional $3,111.11 to cover taxes on the land that hasn’t been used. The four heirs counterposed with double the amount, plus three years of taxes and rounded up to $8,000 so each party would receive an equal amount of $2,000.

There are other steps after this phase, but the ultimate goal is to eliminate three bridges with one box culvert. All of the documents will need to be signed prior to money being distributed.

Casey is behind about 20 bridges on bridge inspections but stated he’ll knock most of them out this week with the weather being nice. They just need to be complete within 90 days to meet the Nebraska Guidance Compliance.

The Courthouse Restoration Project is well into their punch list but some main concerns still are a couple of leaks in the roof and installing snow guards to not allow sheets of ice to fall off the building onto the sidewalks.

Doug Elting with Berggren Architects explained more about the process of substantial completion will need to be signed prior to the one-year warranty starting. Commissioners wanted to make sure all items that need to be put on the punch list are made aware of prior to this time starting. The group was also going to check to see if the warranty could be extended for the leak in the shingles or the commissioners are wanting the roofers to come back and replace the section that is leaking.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Commissioners meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 1.