Commissioners Adopt Board Of Health Resolution, Approve Enclosed Trailer Purchase For Emergency Management

WAYNE – Officials with the Wayne County Board of Commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday morning by video/telephone conference.

Health Director with Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department, Julie Rother joined the meeting via Zoom. She provided information about a resolution the NNPHD Board of Health was seeking for all four counties in the health district to adopt rules and regulations preventing the spread of communicable disease, illness or poisoning.

The resolution was approved by the state of Nebraska and would allow the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department Board of Health to implement their own local Directed Health Measures (DHM). Rother said the health district is under DHMs per an executive order by Governor Ricketts.

“That’s fine, we’ve been going under those,” said Rother. “But if there were ever to be a time when it needed to be a local decision, then we would want to be able to implement those by the Board of Health in conjunction with the counties.”

As of right now, Rother doesn’t have any intentions of starting local DHMs and if the health department would write up their own DHM, it would have to be approved by the DHHS.

“But I think that we need to give it some time and just see what happens with numbers over these next couple of weeks as far as cases of COVID-19,” Rother added. “But, nevertheless, whether or not we have a pandemic, this is something that could be useful to our local area in the future at some point.”

The resolution would be ongoing unless a county would revoke it in the future.

Cedar and Wayne counties both signed the resolution while Rother was meeting with Dixon county later in the morning Tuesday and Thurston county officials next Monday.

Emergency manager, Nic Kemnitz then brought forward six quotes from around the area for an enclosed trailer to assist in moving emergency management equipment and also assisting public health by transporting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Kemnitz talked about the need for the trailer.

“We’re just getting to the point of we’re getting so much equipment,” Kemnitz mentioned. “Where the vehicles are full and we’re having to haul it in the backs (pick ups) and a trailer would also give us a temporary shelter where we need to keep equipment and stuff out of the rain.”

Commissioners approved the best option being a new H&H 7’ X 18’ trailer, with a 5,000 lb. tandem axle and 4,000 lb. ramp door with water-proof undercoating. The total cost is $6,477 through All Star Trailer in Norfolk and will be ready in about four to four and a half weeks. The tie-downs would be an after-market purchase but depending on where the equipment would be loaded emergency management officials can decide where to place the tie-downs.

Other action items included approving the proposals from Mainelli Wagner & Associates, Inc. to complete the special inspections due on five facture critical structures in 2020 for $640 each as well as approving two Utility Permit Applications for BNT Broadband.

Doug Elting with Berggren Architects also attended the meeting and addressed some problems during work on the copper roof surrounding the tower spire and the protection for the tower cap.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, May 19 at 9 a.m.