Colleagues From Wayne State College, Little Priest Tribal College Sign Agreements For Biology, Chemistry And Elementary Education Programs


WAYNE – A joint press conference was held Monday afternoon to sign new partnership agreements between Wayne State College (WSC) and Little Priest Tribal College (LPTC).

From the Elkhorn Room of the Student Center, WSC President Marysz Rames and Vice President Steven Elliot were joined by Little Priest Tribal College President Manoj Patil and VP Loretta Broberg.

WSC and LPTC will be entering into articulation agreements for programs in biology, chemistry and elementary education.

Dr. Rames believes both institutions share a mission and a passion in supporting first generation college students.

“We want to make it seamless for them and we want them to have a good experience,” said Rames. “We want them to clearly understand what courses they need to take and how that’s going to happen. Because we really want to keep them on task to their degree.”

These agreements are aimed at Little Priest students who have completed an Associate of Science (A.S.) or Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree and are transferring to Wayne State to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Manoj Patil said back in 2018 Little Priest Tribal College signed a business agreement with Wayne State College and that led to a high interest in their business program.

“Now we had seven graduates this May at Wayne State,” Patil added. “So, we kind of want to continue that model with other programs (Chemistry, Biology and Elementary Techer Ed). We want to continue more programs but we want to make sure we solidity what we have before moving to the new programs.”

Students transferring into the biology and chemistry programs will bring 60 credit hours with them from their A.S. degree and will need only 60 credit hours to complete Wayne State’s Bachelor of Science in biology or chemistry degree. Students transferring into the elementary education program will bring 66 credit hours from their LPTC Associate of Arts teacher education program, leaving just 54 credit hours needed to complete the Bachelor of Science in elementary education degree at WSC.

President Patil said in the past three years, 15 graduates from Little Priest have also earned a degree from Wayne State.

“Out of the 15, 12 have come to Winnebago and working there,” said Patil. “So, you’re looking at an economic development, you’re making a difference to the reservation of Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska and that sends a strong message to our prospective/other students who want to continue this journey.”

To assist prospective transfer students enrolled in the in AA-Teacher Education/BS-Elementary Education Program with their academic planning, WSC and LPTC will jointly advise students in the AA-Teacher Education/BS-Elementary Education Program during their third and fourth semesters at LPTC. Students identified by LPTC as potential transfer students to WSC will work with co-advisors throughout their third and fourth semesters at LPTC.

Wayne State has a longstanding articulation agreement in place with LPTC for transfer into business programs. These new agreements allow each institution to respond to the high demand for scientists and teachers.

President Rames mentioned Wayne State College is excited about the work they continue to do in all of their programs.

“We continue to do well in our cooperative education program as well,” Rames mentioned. ” That’s a major initiative for us, so just a lot of good things underway. It’s a great institution with great people and great students that are really committed to their education.”

Following lunch a campus tour was held for the colleagues of Little Priest Tribal College.