City Offices Now Open, Council Being Cautiously Optimistic For Late June Pool Opening

City Offices Now Open, Council Being Cautiously Optimistic For Late June Pool Opening
Councilmembers met at the Wayne Fire Hall Tuesday.

WAYNE – For the first time over the past few meetings, council members gathered together to hold their regularly scheduled in-person while other members from the public were still able join the meeting through Zoom.

Councilmembers met at the Wayne Fire Hall Tuesday evening and were spaced out from table to table.

City Administrator, Wes Blecke opened the meeting stating City of Wayne offices opened on June 1 as ‘x’s have been placed on the floor for those who enter to social distance and park bathrooms are open as well.

The room where council met at the Fire Hall along with the City Auditorium and North Meeting Room (NMR) in the auditorium are now open for the option of renting space. Those who host events will still have to abide by the current Directed Health Measures (DHMs) from the governor’s office.

With some communities who were on the fence about opening or closing  their pool for the Summer now siding more to opening them, it was brought forward that June 27 could be the earliest the pool in Wayne open. Councilmembers stated they are being cautiously optimistic for this date but want to open the pool.

A project that should have done a while back is the calking of the pool which was on step two as of Tuesday. Activity Center officials say a series of steps will need to be completed before they open. If there are three good days of calking, the pool could be filled early next week to work on the heat pumps to warm up the pool and then train the lifeguards.

Among the current DHMs, which could be updated by the governor’s office, only 25 people would be allowed into the pool (not counting staff) or 25% of the occupancy which is 300 people. So, a max of 75 people could be allowed into the pool.

Another discussion item once the opening of the pool becomes clearer would be who would be allowed in. Activity Center officials brought up those who have or had a pool membership in the past or those who reside within the City of Wayne as no daily passes would be issued to avoid the drop-ins.

The daily attendance at the pool from last summer ranged from 50 to 100 visitors.

Moving inside the Wayne Community Activity Center, councilmembers were addressed of some major changes needing to take place which included painting the gym that hasn’t been done in nearly 20 years. During the time of closure, the Activity Center staff were able to deep clean the facility.

The City of Wayne is on the planning side for a $10,000 matching grant which would allow an expert to come in and provide their opinion on what needs to be done. But staff would also look into applying for the max $562,000 matching grant.

A ball park estimate in replacing the tile in the bathrooms and locker rooms at the Community Activity Center could be $40,000 and then another possible $15,000 for new sinks and countertops in the bathrooms.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 16 at 5:30 p.m.