City Of Wayne Voters Encouraged To Request Early Ballot, Polling Places To Consolidate

City Of Wayne Voters Encouraged To Request Early Ballot, Polling Places To Consolidate
Courtesy of Wayne County.

WAYNE – Nebraskans will not be able to vote at the courthouse during the May 12 Primary; thus voters should plan on requesting early voting ballots or vote on May 12 at a consolidated location for all City of Wayne wards.

According to an Executive Order by Governor Pete Ricketts and Secretary of State Robert B. Evnen, updated in-person and early voting limitations were announced to limit the risk of COVID-19.

The only ways to vote will be early by requesting your ballot or in-person on the actual date. The order suspends specific statues of the Election Act that required Election Offices to be open to the public for in-person early voting, agent pick and voter registration through May 13 (day after Nebraska Primary).

City of Wayne residents should plan on requesting an early voting ballot application, according to county clerk Deb Finn.

“Just encouraging them to complete an application and get it in right away,” said Finn. “So, they have the opportunity to make their vote count, to research the candidates and stay safe.”

City of Wayne residents will have until May 1 to request their ballot be mailed. After May 1, City of Wayne residents will have to wait until election day as there won’t be any early voting offered at the courthouse.

Residents in the villages of Winside, Carroll, Hoskins, Sholes and Wakefield as well as all rural precincts will receive their ballots through the mail which will be sent out starting April 22. A special application is not needed for these residents. But ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on election day and for those mailing their ballots in. Finn is recommending voters allow five days for them to be sent in.

Finn is encouraging voters in the City of Wayne to complete an application to have their ballot mailed to them. These applications can be found on the website, The Wayne Herald or the Morning Shopper before sending it back multiple ways.

“Take a picture with their camera and they can email it to us,” Finn added. “They can put it in the drop box or they can submit it in the mail. We are getting an additional drop box that will be placed next to our current one and this will be a much larger drop box.”

The drop boxes are located on the north side of the Wayne County Courthouse (510 North Pearl Street).

City of Wayne residents looking to fill out the early voting application can visit Under the ‘County Officials’ drop down, select ‘Early Voting’.

Also, with the polling places in Wayne closed due to COVID-19, residents who live inside the four wards in the City of Wayne will be able to vote between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12. The consolidated polling place will be the District I County Shed in Wayne located at 515 Thorman Street.

District I County Shed.

The large building will be set up with election boards in four corners with the center area made for in-person voting. Handicap parking will also be available on south side of the parking lot as the room will be set up giving voters plenty of information on which direction to go.

Contact Finn at 402-375-2288 or email for more information.