City Of Wayne Projects Discussed During ChamberPercs

WAYNE – City Administrator, Wes Blecke joined ChamberPercs this past Friday addressing City of Wayne projects.

Luke Virgil, executive director with Wayne Area Economic Development, hosted the event on the Wayne, NE Facebook page. The group will be welcoming back their normal Chamber Coffee, while keeping ChamberPercs for those who can’t attend on Facebook Live, when they return on Friday, July 10 as the Chicken Show Committee and WAED will be the host.

Blecke first addressed the pool as staff have found some leaks as they continue to dye test. He said council approved caulking around the gutter line

“We haven’t even got the water up that far yet to see if that held or not,” said Blecke. “We’re pretty confident that will hold. But the rest of the pool, that’s what we’re working on right now. So, we’re finding little things here and there and maybe all of those little things are equaling kind of a larger loss.”

The plan was to dry the pool out this past weekend and have city employees do some caulking to get the pool filled up this week. After the pool is full, work will then commence on the heat pumps before finalizing lifeguard training to open. An initial date of June 27 was a goal to open, which has been pushed back, but the plan is still to open once everything is in check.

The Wayne Trail Project began in 2003 and the trail has been put in by the Community Activity Center as the underpass is currently being worked on.

Blecke talked about costs of the project.

“This project is 80% funded by the feds through the state,” Blecke added. “So, we ultimately pay for it through their taxes but not the lion share like the feds do. We have 20% into it. So, it will be about a half million-dollar project when it’s all said and done for us.”

The project is on pace to completed by this fall and once finished there’ll be five miles of trail.

Also, where the trail collapsed due to high waters last year, the other trail project down by Henry Victory Park is coming to an end. This was a two-part project with restoration of what was broken along with mitigating some additional feet of creek bank that needed sheet piling. The total cost of restoration and mitigation is about a $1.2 million project with 12.5% from the City of Wayne, 12.5% from the NEMA and 75% from FEMA.

Another City of Wayne project is Nebraska Street Project. Blecke mentioned the fourth street intersection should be open within the next week before moving into phase two going towards 7th street.

“That is for mainly water run-off, storm sewer upgrades,” Blecke mentioned. “The surface itself wasn’t terrible, it was in places, but mainly for run-off. That will be concrete now and widened just about a foot. Then there’s a little bit of water and stuff like that that we’re doing.”

One of the other four major projects is for the transmission main coming in from the north well field. The transmission main is about five miles long and 16 inches in diameter with a redundant feed. The City of Wayne is receiving 1.5% interest from the State Revolving Loan Fund and will get a percentage forgiven through about a $350,000 – $400,000 grant for the $2.2 million project.

Hear the complete interview with Luke and Wes on the Wayne, NE Facebook page.

Visit for more information as the Wayne City Council will be holding their retreat on Tuesday, June 30.