City Of Wayne Face Covering Ordinance To See Action, Drinking Water Update To Be Provided

WAYNE – Councilmembers will hold their regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting this evening starting at 5:30 p.m. as they’ll have a discussion and update on the City of Wayne ordinance for current face covering requirement.

From the Community Room inside the Wayne Community Activity Center, the group will first hear an update from a Water Supply Specialist about a drinking water program and updates on their new water transmission main.

A group called Voices for Vision Coalition (VVC) is proposing that council name the Wayne Trail System “The Freedom Trail”. This would be in addition to any phases that are currently named or that would be named in the future. More information will be provided at tonight’s meeting.

Park and Recreation Director, Lowell Heggemeyer will then give his update to the Wayne City Council followed by public hearings regarding the One and Six Year Street Improvement Program and Final Plat for “Greenwood Addition”.

Chapters 14 – 22 will also be reviewed among part three of the Personnel Manual that council is looking over.

Towards the end of the meeting, councilmembers will talk more about the current face covering requirement in the City of Wayne that is set to sunset at 11:59 p.m. today. Council could allow the sunset to occur, extend the requirement to a certain date or certain trigger point or allow city-wide requirement to sunset but keep certain locations/activities with requirements.