City Council To Talk Health Insurance, Approve Wage And Salary Schedule

WAYNE – Members with the Wayne City Council will hold their first of two regularly scheduled meetings in the month of December Tuesday evening.

From the council chambers inside the City Hall, the meeting is set to begin at 5:30 p.m.

Council will take action on terminating the City of Wayne’s group health insurance. City staff was notified that United Healthcare was going to increase their premium by 26% as councilmembers will hear more about a proposal from Blue Cross Blue Shield that came back with a 15% increase of what the current premiums are set at. Staff is recommending that the City terminate with United Health Care and enroll with Blue Cross effective January 1, 2020.

Other action items include approving the application for addition to liquor license for El Tequila LLC, Fiesta Brava; the Nebraska Department of Transportation’s Maintenance Agreement and to direct city staff to move forward with the renovation of the concession area in the Community Activity Center Facility.

Councilmembers will then look to approve the wage and salary schedule that would be effective with the first payroll period in January, 2020. The schedule amends the same to include a 2% cost of living increase that was approved in the budget.

Two ordinances will also be on the agenda for their second readings. They are the amending of Wayne Municipal Code Title XV Land Usage, Chapter 150 Building Regulations: Construction, Sec. 150.03 Moving Buildings and annexing certain real estate to the City of Wayne and extending the corporate limits in the Southeast Quadrants to include said real estate.

Resolution 2019-72 will seek approval for the appointment of Amy K. Miller as City Attorney and the Retainer Agreement as there were no changes in the agreement.