City Council Meeting

City Council Meeting
Mayor Giese receiving check and sign on behalf of the City of Wayne from Jerry Allemann of the Nebraska Natural Resource District

WAYNE – The Wayne City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday evening at 5:30 in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Four resolutions and two ordinances were discussed by Council including a couple of issues that were addressed under executive session.

The meeting started with a presentation by Jerry Allemann, who represents the Nebraska Natural Resource District. He presented a $30,000 grant check that assisted the City of Wayne for the funding of the Versacourt Play Area Project at College Hill Park. Mayor Giese accepted the check along with a sign on behalf of the City of Wayne.

Director of the Wayne Area Economic Development, Luke Virgil was present to provide Council with a brief report on LB 840 Activity.

The first resolution put in front of Council on Tuesday evening was in regards to temporary use of the State Highway System for the WSC Homecoming Parade and Band Day which is scheduled for Satudary, October 5th this year. Along with this there had to be action on a Contract of Service between the City of Wayne and the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges. Both were passed by Council.

Tracy Golden, the General Manager of Northeast Power introduced himself to Council and gave a brief history of his previous employment before starting in Wayne last August. Soon after Council went into executive session to get an update on the Northeast electric system and further upgrades and the impact on the City of Wayne system.

When the public and press returned to Council Chambers another resolution was discussed by Council. This resolution would appoint JEO Consulting Group, Inc. as the special engineer to be used on various City of Wayne projects in 2019 and approve a Master Services Agreement between the two. Roger Protzman is the Branch Manager of the Norfolk JEO Consulting Group location and was present to speak to Council at the meeting. The plan is for Roger to be in Wayne two mornings a week depending on what projects need attention. Other details will be worked out in the near future. Council approved the resolution.

Another resolution was approved by Council. This one in regards to approving specifications and authorizing the purchase of a 2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty Pick-Up through the State bid system as per bid proposal from Arnie’s Ford in the amount of $40,750. This resolution caused some debate between Councilmembers. A couple of Councilmembers felt it unnecessary to get a diesel pick-up and also questioned the need at all for a new vehicle. Joel Hansen was there to answer questions that Council had and explained that a lot of the equipment is outdated and that this would be a major asset for the City’s street crew. After much discussion the resolution was finally passed by a 7-2 vote.

The third and final reading for the adoption of Standard Specifications for Construction of Water, Sewer, Storm Sewer and Paving Manual was voted on and passed for final approval on Tuesday evening.

The final ordinance on the agenda that was due for a second reading regarding ATV’s and UTV’s was tabled because Council was still unclear on how they wanted to word the ordinance in the Municipal Code. Council was instructed to email Attorney Amy Miller with their thoughts and goals on the ordinance if they wanted to add anything to what is already written.

The final issue that was addressed at Tuesday night’s Council meeting was approving the City Administrator Employment Agreement. Again, Council went to executive session to discuss the matter at hand. The resolution was passed but amended the agreement to $101,000 in salary.

For more information on Tuesday evening’s Council meeting tune into Big Red Country 104.9 on Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. to hear from Mayor Cale Giese and City Administrator Wes Blecke on The View From Wayne, America. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be July 16 at the Council Chamber in City Hall.