City Council Approves Fifth Of Sixth Public Meeting For R. Perry Construction TIF Application, Schedules Lagoon Redevelopment Open House For July 26

WAYNE – For roughly two and a half hours, Wayne City Council hosted their regular scheduled Tuesday night meeting.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, council members addressed four public hearings before moving into a budget work session.

R. Perry Construction is working on the apartment complex on 4th Street and brought forward the change of R-4 multi-family residential among minimum off-street parking and loading requirements, according to City Administrator Wes Blecke.

“Instead of 1+1 to each dwelling unit times 1.25,” said Blecke. “It’s something that they talked about back in 2017, the planning commission recommended approving it and council at that time changed it to something else. They did not use the 1.25 recommendation.”

Council did approve the 1.25 recommendation as all of the R-4 Districts will have the 1.25 dwelling unit. An example would mean, a one bed-room apartment the landlord would have to provide two parking spots and if you have multiple one-bedrooms then it’s all the bedrooms combined times 1.25.

Another public hearing pertained to the TIF application through R. Perry Construction as a total of six public meetings are needed to go through the process.

Council approved the Redevelopment Plan that is totaling $4.88 million TIF with $2.68 million to construction site and $2.2 million will be reserved for lake development for the community. Tuesday night was meeting number five as the application will next go to the CRA for final approval, a contract and a bond.

An open house is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. at the Wayne Community Activity Center hosted by the Stool to Cool Committee for the lagoon redevelopment. The committee hired Olsson Associates for landscape architectural work and will present their design to the public. This is an informational only meeting.

Council also voted to approve a request for ‘Hochstein Estates Subdivision’ to rezone from A-1 Agriculture to A-2 Agriculture Residential which was also re-platted in a separate public hearing. The applicant, Nick Hochstein of Sharp Construction bought an acreage slightly out in the country, within the City of Wayne zoning jurisdiction and have another structure they wanted to separate for legal purposes.

A marketing agreement was brought forward with Utility Service Partners Private Label, Inc. City of Wayne residents have received letters in the mail that looks like it is from the City of Wayne and is talking about your utility hook-ups from your house to the main.

Council discussed about renewing the contract and overall, the council they didn’t like the letter going out which may be confusing people, according to Mayor Cale Giese.

“So, we’re going to stop allowing them to send out letters on  our letter head,” said Giese. “Then we’re going to allow them a little space on our website that if they want to go to it they can click on it and find more information about getting service that way.”

Service Line Warranties of America will still be setting up new services/new customers in the community. Annual letters will no longer be sent out that looks like it’s from the City of Wayne.

Prior to moving into a budget work session, council held discussion regarding negotiations for the purchase of real estate being lot 5, Kardell East 14th Street. The land is just north of Great Dane Trailers and a 3.26 acre tract that would be for a new sub-station. Terms were being negotiated with a landowner as council moved into closed session.

Blecke mentioned council has been working through this process for two years.

“They approved staff to continue to negotiate with the landowner,” Blecke mentioned. “That will then come back to the council with a number and we have to replat some property. But this is the first step in a process.”

The goal is to have something acquired by the end of the year to plan for a new sub-station to enhance the electrical stability in the community.

Payment number two of $72,103 was made to Robert Woehler & Sons Construction, Inc. for the ‘Chicago Street Improvement Project’ which will connect South Sherman to South Lincoln as the project continues to progress.

Mark Sorensen, Jason Schulz and Jessie Piper agreed on their mayoral reappointments with a new term expiring June 30, 2025.

Kyle and Leah Ahlers purchased a property in the Vintage Hill 3rd Addition of lots 8 and 9 and will be vacating the easement between the two lots to build a cross the lot line. Council approved the agenda item with the three readings waived.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, August 2.

Hear more about the first of two budget work sessions from Mayor Giese towards the end of the ‘View from Wayne America’. The budget is due to the State by September 30.