Christian Student Fellowship To Open Coffee House, Soft Opening Scheduled For July 8

WAYNE – Downtown Wayne will once again have a location to enjoy coffee and conversation.

The location which previously served Miss Molly’s on 203 Main Street, was purchased by a soon to be member on the board of directors with Christian Student Fellowship (CSF). The generous donor will rent the apartment and dance studio in the back and will be leasing the coffee space to CSF.

Justin Raulston is the director of Christian Student Fellowship and said CSF has been for around for about 45 years originating in Kearney, Nebraska.

“Now we have campuses all over Nebraska and South Dakota,” said Raulston. “We’re here in Wayne, we’re at Northeast (community college) up in Norfolk, Kearney, Omaha, Lincoln, Peru State (College) and then South Dakota State University up in Brookings, South Dakota.”

The group also has an international ministry in Kearny and will be putting them in Lincoln and Norfolk this year.

A soft-opening for ‘The Table’ was held Monday as the coffee house will be open from 7 until 11 a.m. This Friday, The Table will be open until around 9 p.m. on Henoween and again open during the day on Saturday during the Chicken Show.

Everyone is welcome to The Table, according to Raulston.

“The most fun part for me has been, this was birthed out of our campus ministry, but man the community has been so excited about this,” Raulston added. “Other businesses, other coffee shops have been so excited about this. It’s just been a real blessing to me to be in the community to hear how much people want a place to hang out downtown.”

Once The Table Coffee House is fully open in the fall they’ll look to expand their hours into the evening.

CSF is a non-profit organization with the coffee house as any profit will go right back into the ministry or back into other things that they do through their ministry.

Like The Table Coffee House on Facebook or call 402-369-3479 for more information.