Chamber Coffee Attendees To Hear More About Upcoming Wayne High Graduates

WAYNE – With just over a week before high school seniors graduate from Wayne High, the community will have an opportunity to hear more about the 2018 class and where they plan on going after.

Join Wayne Community Schools from the Lecture Hall on Friday, May 4 at 10 a.m.

Dwaine Spieker has taught English while being the Senior Class Sponsor for 18 years at Wayne Community Schools. He said the school year seems to be ending quickly.

“I think it’s because we felt like it was the middle of winter only two weeks ago,” said Spieker. “But of course, some years I like to say that the door on a school year closes very slowly and this year it’s slamming shut; it really does seem to be coming up quickly.”

As of earlier this week during a special meeting for the Wayne School Board, there were 28 boys and 31 girls listed to graduate from Wayne High School. This year’s class is smaller as larger groups are up in the 70’s and 80’s.

Years ago, Mr. Spieker had students do art projects. His class began this last semester with his favorite book to teach, “Beowulf”. Wayne High graduates, Laura Muren and Jordan Swanson created a piece of artwork out of scrap wood in his classroom.

“And it just so happen to fit perfectly in my room,” Mr. Spieker mentioned. “I’ve always wanted both of those ladies to come back and sign this, so maybe they’ll come back in someday.”

Wayne High seniors will spend their last day in school on Monday, May 7 while the remainder of the students will get out on Friday, May 18. Teachers will have some in-service days before ending the 2017-18 school year the following week.

Contact Wayne Community Schools for more information or any questions at 402-375-3150.