Cause Of Monday Morning Wayne Fire Was Electrical, Family In Need Of Clothing Donations

Cause Of Monday Morning Wayne Fire Was Electrical, Family In Need Of Clothing Donations
Photo Courtesy of Jason Karsky.

WAYNE – A Monday morning fire drew the assistance of four towns to put out a garage fire which eventually took over the home.

The family of 409 West 9th Street in Wayne is safe following a Monday morning fire.

Fire Chief with Wayne Volunteer Fire Department, Phil Monahan stated they received the page at 8:55 a.m. on Monday. Monahan said the first step was to put the fire out while making sure everyone is safe.

“The home was evacuated before we got there which was good,” said Monahan. “Wayne PD was also there helping us assist on getting the other people out of the homes that were around it. We also called in the gas company, city utilities, street department/water department.”

With Wayne being short-handed, mutual aid assistance was provided by Winside, Carroll and Wakefield which totaled roughly 30 volunteer firefighters.

Chief Monahan added the home damage will be totaled.

“I will meet with the insurance company tomorrow (Tuesday) but it looks like it’s going to be totaled out as of right now,” Monahan added. “I’ll know more of that maybe tomorrow (Tuesday). It started by electrical inside the garage is where it was.”

Providence Medical Center in Wayne bought their ambulance as well as Winside brought their ambulance along for rehab.

“Once you’re in the house for a period of 10-15 minutes you get very hot and everything else,” Monahan mentioned. “You’re exhausted and we have the ambulances there to help rehab. They sat them down, they take their vitals, make sure everybody is okay, give them water, give them fluids and put wet towels around them.”

According to a social media post from Andrea Zara, “My brother’s family lost their home and belongings today in a house fire. We are beyond thankful that Hunter, Shani, Hudson and puppy Bentley are all safe and okay!…They (family) were able to get some clothes out, but if anyone would like to make clothing donations the sizes needed are: Men’s – XL Shirts, 36/XL Pants — Women’s – Small shirts and shorts — Baby Boy – 18-24 months. Monetary donations have not been formally established at this time, but if you are drawn to help in such a way, we would ask that you Venmo Hunter @hujorg01 until other means have been established.”

Chief Monahan would like to pass along some important information.

“Just watch what you’ve got plugged in and around your garage or your house,” said Monahan. “Don’t leave them unattended if they’re plugged in. If you’re charging stuff up or if you’re charging batteries, or charging a flashlight or who knows what just make sure things were unplugged before you leave the home.”

The Wayne Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank the public for bringing food and refreshments for them but want to advise the public to give emergency personnel their space to allow them to get their job done.

According to a social media post from the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department, “on behalf of the Wayne fire department, we would like to thank Short stop, Deb Garwood, Winside fire, Wakefield fire, Carrol Fire, PMC, Wayne Police Department, City of Wayne, Wayne Dispatch, Tracy Bruckner and Scott Hasemann for the donations of food and beverages! We appreciate all of your help!”

Chief Monahan would also like to thank the other fire departments for helping out and the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department works very well with Winside, Carroll and Wakefield.