‘Busy’ Wayne Volunteer Fire Department Responds To Two Fires Tuesday

WAYNE – The Wayne Volunteer Fire Department is keeping busy responding to multiple fires in the last few weeks. Tuesday was no exception, with the department fighting a morning fire and evening fire.

As previously reported on waynedailynews.com, Tuesday morning the fire department received a call for a silage pile fire four miles east and one mile south of Wayne. After about two hours, it was contained.

At roughly 5:15 p.m., another call for a grass fire nine miles south and one mile east of Wayne went out, according to fire chief Phil Monahan.

“The second one started by a trash can that tipped upside down and started an alfalfa field on fire,” Monahan said.

It took about an hour for WVFD to extinguish the field fire. Burning trash in a regular barrel doesn’t require a burn permit, but Monahan said caution needs to be used. He suggests burners make sure that their trash barrels are supported and flat on the ground and that they have covers to ensure that no embers escape. With as dry as the ground is, the fire chief also said people need to pay attention to the wind. The department doesn’t issue burn permits if wind is going to be around 15-25 miles per hour so it’s safest to follow the same guidelines if burning at home.

March 30th, the department responded to two fires that came one after another. Going into planting season, Monahan said the volume of fires is unusual.

“This is the busiest we’ve been in a long time,” Monahan said. “I hope the summer doesn’t end up being this dry and I hope we get some moisture later on this summer, but right now we also need to get the farmers back in the field, so they can get their crops in, but it is dry out there on the ground.”

If members of the public are in need of a burn permit, they should contact the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department at (402) 369-1712.