Building For The Future, LCC School Bond Seeking Approval On November 3 By School District Residents

LAUREL – As election day approaches, a $23 million school bond will be on the Tuesday, November 3 ballot for a northeast Nebraska school district.

According to a release from LCC School, the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School Board unanimously approved a school bond issue resolution on August 10. This will be on the Tuesday, November 3 General Election ballot for an amount not to exceed $23 million.

Superintendent at LCC School, Jeremy Christiansen came to the school in July of 2018. When he arrived, the school board had been undergoing a strategic facility study looking initially at the Elementary school for a renovation as well as safety and security issues. But Christiansen said the greatest challenge and risk for the school district fell primarily with the high school facility.

“The amount of district resources that were being required for additional maintenance and repair,” said Christiansen. “Particularly in large capital kinds of issues of related to HVAC systems, plumbing and electrical.”

The school board based their decision on ongoing analysis of function space for student learning, curricular program and school facility needs. From September of 2018 until now, there has been Board of Education Strategic Facility planning with Community Focus Group meetings taking place from June through August. Community forums and facility tours were also held in October.

The LCC High School and Elementary School facility includes a building that was constructed in 1922 (HS two-story building) with additions as well as renovations in 1957 (gym, locker rooms, stage, kitchen, administration, classrooms), 1965 (HS west wing classrooms), 1978 (main gym, elementary wing classrooms), 1996 (fitness center) and 1999 (Learning Center/Library).

Should the bond issue not pass, Christiansen added there has been a plan in place.

“As a school district we would then need to still proceed moving forward, “Christiansen added. “But in probably smaller, more strategic phases as we look to renovate and do demolition and new construction. But the reality is, is that we have to do something.”

If voted through, the LCC High School and Elementary School in Laurel as well as Middle School in Coleridge will gain additional flexibility in the attendance center structure. This will offer the school district the ability to continually address future student enrollment and curricular program needs and priorities.

The LCC School District lies in three different counties with the bulk being in Cedar County. School District residents also reside in Dixon and Wayne counties.

Christiansen mentioned this investment in this project is very generational.

“Certainly, our students who are in elementary and middle school now would see some benefit,” Christiansen mentioned. “But we’re really looking at how do we as overall look to impact not only our school district but how do we overall impact all of the communities within our school district?”

A design period would last until April of 2021 with the construction period being May of 2021 through the fall of 2022.

To learn more about the school bond issue, visit and select the ‘LCC School Bond’ link under the ‘Community’ tab. Hear the complete interview on the ‘View from Wayne America’ just after 9 a.m. on Big Red Country ‘KTCH’ 104.9 and just after 6 p.m. on The City ‘KCTY’ 98.9/1590 as well as on Friday.