Bond Series 2019 To See Net-Worth Savings Of $69,000, Bids Accepted For Box Culvert Projected

WAYNE – Commissioners in Wayne County heard a handful of updates about what’s going on around them and also right in their own backyard.

The first of two regularly scheduled meetings in November took place Tuesday morning from the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom.

The board went over the refinancing of Series 2014 bond and issuance of Series 2019. Notification was given to the county Monday that their bond sold and rates cooperated better than expected. The interest rates reduced from 2.8991% to 1.8448% which resulted in a net savings of $69,037.08.

Highway superintendent, Mark Casey provided updates from Lincoln Clean Energy where the county received a check worth $69,000 for 46 stamped and certified driveway locations. About 15 of those locations will see a modified cut with more or less the crest of the hills seeing a few inches taken off the crown. Work was scheduled to begin Tuesday on the first cuts.

A pair of box culvert bids were accepted before the commissioners tabled the cost totals until the meeting to be approved and to double check the numbers. Of the three bids, A&R Construction was the lowest at $476,817 for box culvert projects 566 in Dean’s territory and 476 in Terry’s territory. A&R would start with Terry’s project in June of 2020 (July 2020 end) before working on Dean’s project in July of 2020 and be completed by August of 2020.

Other bids were submitted by Gus Construction and Bauer Underground.

Phyllis Friederich recently took over as the new executive director at the Northeast Nebraska RC&D on September 23. She brings 30 years of business development on board and reported to the commissioners from their recent meeting. Friederich has developed a five-year plan (2020-2025) that will be voted on by her board and the group is looking at Wayne County in hosting a Women’s Expo. Northeast RC&D will also plan on hosting two Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events in 2020 at two of their six counties they cover (Antelope, Cedar, Dixon, Knox, Pierce and Wayne).

Another update was also provided from Berggren Architects on the Wayne County Courthouse Renovation project. A bid worth $16,010 was submitted for a gutter cover to provide additional grading on the east side of the courthouse for about 30’ at length as the county declined the bid per recommendation. Two additional change orders were mentioned at the cost of $1,816.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, November 19 at 9 a.m.