Boating Safety Tips During 4th Of July Festivities

Boating Safety Tips During 4th Of July Festivities
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WAYNE – With the summer boating season here and one of the busiest weekends to be on the water with boats approaching, it’s always a good idea for boaters and their guests to refresh their safety knowledge.

According to a release from the 4th of July boating safety index, the U.S. Coast Guard reported nearly 4,300 recreational boating accidents in 2017. This resulted in more than 650 deaths and sadly it takes sobering statistics to put safety at the forefront of boaters’ minds each year. is the largest global search engine in the leisure marine market and know that the more informed everyone is about proper boating safety; the more enjoyable recreational boating can be.

When accidents happen, make sure everyone is safe; report the accident to the Coast Guard; document the accident; notify your insurance company and stay calm.


Vital important safety tips provided include:

  1. Fireworks on boats is not a good idea
  2. Gear Up
  3. Check that weather app
  4. Jackets required
  5. Create a pre-departure checklist
  6. Get an official safety check
  7. Make sure the engine passes the sniff test
  8. Make a float plan
  9. Invest in a life jacket light