Board Of Equalization To Host Public Hearing, Summit Carbon Solutions Offering Planning Stage Information During Board Of Commissioners

WAYNE – Both the Board of Equalization and Board of Commissioners in Wayne County will hold their regularly scheduled meetings on Tuesday, March 1.

From the Wayne County Courthouse Courtroom the Board of Equalization will open the morning at 9 a.m. by holding a public hearing on a request from Wayne Area Economic Development for real property tax exemption. An action item will then follow on the request from WAED.

Moving into the Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting at 9:05 a.m. on Tuesday, Commissioner Terry Sievers will provide a report on a recent commissioner workshop he attended on February 4 in Kearney.

Mark Casey, Highway Superintendent, will address updates on the county bridge match projects. Also, an action item will be highlighted for bids opened on February 14 including C-90(670) and C-90(671) Hoskins Northeast and two Thurston County projects.

Kylee Kretz with Summit Carbon Solutions will then offer the planning stages of the multi-state CO2 capture, pipeline and sequestration project.