Board Of Education Meeting Highlighted By Presentations

WAYNE – Four presentations took over most of Monday evening’s regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting.

From the Wayne Jr/Sr High School Library, Dr. Mark Lenihan, Superintendent of Wayne Community Schools first shared a letter of resignation to the board. Terri Hypse, English teacher submitted her resignation and will plan on retiring at the end of the 2022-23 school year with the process to fill that position already underway.

The first presentation dealt with the audit. Lori Olson, who represents Dana Cole from O’Neill, joined the meeting remotely.

Most of the work is completed over the summer and early fall before auditor spends a couple days at school looking at the books.

Dr. Lenihan said Dana Cole does a great job working with the business office to make sure the audit is finished on time.

“We had a good audit,” said Dr. Lenihan. “Everything ended up in good shape and no major significant deficiencies or anything like that were found, so that’ always good. I think people would be surprised the amount of counting codes there are in school finance. There’s a lot of detail that goes into that and they just really help us make sure that things are in the right places.”

Later in the meeting, the board officially received the audit.

Becky Barner and Kirby Hall then updated the board from the Community Facility Group. The two have been working with the board since March and toured all the buildings early in the process.

“The Committee has been very thorough and making sure that they’re looking at all aspects of our school facilities,” Dr. Lenihan mentioned. “Trying to meet all of the needs that the school presented to them in terms of enrollment and programming and the types of things we’re looking at.”

Dr. Lenihan stated there’s still a lot of work to do and with this impacting taxpayers, the school wants to make sure it’s something that is built for the long term.

There have been talk of classroom space with the potential of a pre-k – 2nd grade facility and adding some classrooms onto the high school along with the potential renovation of the lecture hall.

The committee will meet one more time on November 28 with a recommendation being brought to the school board for facilities during the December 12 board meeting.

Steve Thiele, managing representative of Hausmann construction was also present to thank the board and reinforced the work the committee is doing. Thiele reassured the board the  community facility committee group is addressing the items that impact the future. He also serves as a member of the Summerland School Board.

Property, casualty and work compensation was then addressed where Cap Peterson with Northeast Nebraska Insurance did research to find some competitive bids.

Dr. Lenihan mentioned the good news is the insurance rate will be about the same next year.

“We found a couple of different ways that we can reduce that cost just by raising our deductible and then finding a different work comp insurance company,” Dr. Lenihan mentioned. “So, Cap was great in helping us out.”

The board is also going through a process of reviewing the policies to see if there are any changes and needing to be up to date.

The Wayne County Schools Foundation is in the process of searching for a new director with a goal to have somebody in place by next January.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting will be on Monday, December 12 at 5 p.m.