FFA Members Present Board Of Education With Information On Ag Facility, Board Approves Reading To Hire 7-12 SPED Instructor Resource Teacher

WAYNE – A trio of presentations took up most of the regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting earlier this week.

From the Jr/Sr High School Conference Room, board members went into executive session later Monday evening but first heard topics during communications from the public.

Lori Olson with Dana Cole presented the audit through zoom, Toni Rasmussen and two FFA students brought forward information on a potential Ag facility and an insurance quote from Cap Peterson with Northeast Nebraska Insurance was also presented.

The auditors look over the financial statements and review the processes aligned with auditing standards. No management errors or concerns were found as Olson stated the highest level given was an unmodified audit opinion. The 2020-21 Wayne Community Schools Audit and Financial Statements were then received by the board.

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mark Lenihan said Ag and FFA classes are full and are at a point where they’re outgrowing their current space.

“As to what potential needs could be out there for a facility,” said Dr. Lenihan. “Without getting too much into detail about where it would go, how much it would cost, and all those things. Just general what might an Ag facility look like.”

There are currently 84 members in FFA which is 25-30% of the school having students involved in FFA. Several courses could also be added with an new Ag facility.

Action items included approving the bleacher repair quote from Sports Facility Maintenance from Omaha ($9,653.39) along with new LED gym lights from Beiermann Electric, LCC of Wayne for $9,850. The current fixtures are 10-15 years old and parts were going out of stock.

School board officials then approved the $10,000 deductible option through Employers Mutual Company (EMC) for property and casualty quote. Previously the deductible was $5,000 as the new deductible brought their quote back to the price it was for this year.

Board members also went into executive session following their Honor Coffee event where they addressed the second reading for a 7-12 Special Education Instructor AIM to talk about negotiations.

Dr. Lenihan added the board did approve the old business item.

“So, we’ll be looking for a person to work in our special education department at the 7-12 building. Right now, we have one SPED instructor and then we have Mrs. Varley who works with our Life Skills program. So, our numbers are such that we really need another person to work with Mr. Daum as a resource instructor.”

The Wayne Community Schools Board of Education will hold their second Community Engagement Session on Thursday, November 11 at 5:30 p.m. This event will take place in the Commons (lower level) at Wayne Jr/Sr High School. The session will take about 90 minutes.

“Basically, what are some strengths and things that the school does well, what are some challenges and what are somethings that people would like to see improved on is generally the idea,” Lenihan mentioned. “Like I said we had a nice turnout in Carroll, and we hope for a good turnout here in Wayne this week.”

The next regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting will be on Monday, December 13.