Board Approves WAED Membership Investment, Hosts Annual Hearing And Review Of Policies

WAYNE – Board of Education members at Wayne Community Schools held their regularly scheduled meeting earlier this week reviewing annual policies and held a presentation on being a member with the chamber.

From the Jr/Sr High School Conference Room (202), the board first heard from Wayne Area Economic Development Executive Director, Luke Virgil.

Virgil updated the board what on he does as the executive director and answered questions about what does the school do to help out economic development. Later in the meeting the board voted 4-1 (one abstain vote) with membership level of ‘Bronze’ at $400 ($400 – $749). In 2019, Wayne Community Schools made the jump from the $100 non-profit level to the Silver Investor level ($750 – $1,499). Justin Davis had an abstain vote since he is on the Chamber Board while school board member Lynn Junck voted against the motion as his motion of the non-profit level ($100) failed due to a lack of a second.

Superintendent, Dr. Mark Lenihan said Wayne Community Schools needs to be at the table and be a part of the Chamber.

“When it comes to economic development because that impacts the school” said Dr. Lenihan. “I think the school has a big impact on economic development, too. So, it’s good to be a part of it. I enjoy it. I look forward to being part of those meetings and being on that committee.”

The July meeting mainly was about policy updates as the Monday meeting highlighted an annual hearing and review on Bullying, Student Fees, Homeless Student and Parent Involvement policies.

The board also voted to not accept the revision for a 10% discount for a second child in the Early Learning Center program. A comment was made that if it would affect retention, to look more into it. As of Monday, there were 16, three-year-olds enrolled and the four-year-olds were full.

An item was also tabled until next month on the ‘First Student Bus Parking Agreement’ as the bus company currently parks extra busses in the parking lot near Kern Track. They stated there won’t be as many busses there during the school year. Board members wanted to make sure there was an item in the contract stating the busses would need to be moved if there are events needing to take up the parking lot.

The board also approved the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association membership dues at $850. There are 185 school districts who make up NRCSA.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting will be on Monday, August 9 starting at 7 p.m. The District Open House is the same day from 5 until 7 p.m.


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