Board Approves May 15 As Final Day For School Year, Schedules August 1 Graduation On Wayne State Campus

WAYNE – The past few weeks superintendent of Wayne Community Schools, Dr. Mark Lenihan has been previewing on his ‘Live at 5’ Facebook posts that the school will be making their decision on how the 2019-20 school year would end. School board officials hosted their regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting through zoom Monday evening.

Friday, May 15 was approved as the final day for the current school year while seniors will conclude their remote learning assignments on Friday, May 1. Pre-K through 11th grade students will finish remote learning on Friday, May 8 before using May 11-15 to finalize the school year, according to Dr. Lenihan.

“It’s going to be a little bit of a process for us to turn in materials, get the kids in,” said Dr. Lenihan. “Somehow get their personal belongings, if they have any, back to them. Check out, whatever needs to happen. That’ll be a little bit more of a process obviously than normal”

Teachers will then start to meet during the week of the May 11 and then May 18-22 preparing for Fall of 2020 classes.

“I’m hopeful we are able to start on time, but the way this has been going it’s been changing a lot,” Dr. Lenihan added. “So, we just need to be ready for it and I think now this time will be great for the teachers to be able to prepare for that. Also, we’ll use that time for school improvements meetings, for our MTSS teams to get together.”

Lunches will be distributed through May 15 as school officials are also considering serving them through end of May.

The board also accepted the 2020 graduate list of 32 girls and 41 boys (one foreign exchange, not included in count) pending the completion of grades. The 2020 graduation ceremony has been scheduled for Saturday, August 1 pending health measures for crowd limits at the Willow Bowl on the campus of Wayne State College.

Once grades are in, transcripts will be sent out and diplomas would be issued on August 1 or mailed if there is no ceremony.

The board opened the meeting by hiring a pair of teachers for the 2020-2021 school year. Nichelle Stolzer will serve as the Elementary Special Education teacher while Vicki Smith will be the 7th/8th science teacher pending her release from Pender Public Schools who will meet Wednesday evening.

Stolzer was one of two people who were interviewed and attended Wayne State College. She has done some coaching at Wayne and recently worked on the janitorial staff. Smith is very involved in the science department and has 14 years of teaching experience in various Pender Public Schools positions.

School board officials also approved an updated Memorandum of Understanding with Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department. Wayne Community Schools first approved the Memorandum of Understating in 2010 and needed to update the document to allow the Wayne Jr/Sr High School building to be used for emergency response needs during a public health emergency. This would also include if a there was a mass vaccination that would need to happen. The school recently performed a small distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to first responders last week.

After the curriculum committee reviewed the several science series and resources, the board approved the recommendation to purchase McGraw-Hill for $101,128.37 for K-8th science resources. The price also included the Wonders Reading Series quote. Wayne Community Schools will use a combination of budgeted general fund and depreciation funds for the purchase. WCS decided to not pursue high school science at this point but will get together for 9-12 teachers next fall.

Dr. Lenihan will join Dan Baddorf on “The View from Wayne America” on Wednesday, April 15. The interview will air just after 9 a.m. on Big Red Country ‘KTCH’ 104.9 and just after 6 p.m. on The City ‘KCTY’ 98.9/1590.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting will be on Monday, May 11 at 5 p.m. Meetings will remain via zoom until further notice.