Big Red Blitz Visits Flood Damaged Communities

The three communities we're going to stop in today mean a lot to all of us.

- Scott Frost

NORFOLK – Husker coaches are on the road today visiting flood-damaged communities.

Groups of up to 800 fans will hear from football coach Scott Frost, basketball coach Fred Hoiberg and Athletic Director Bill Moos as part of the Big Red Blitz.

Frost says Nebraska residents always support Husker teams so it’s important to give support back to the fans.

“It’s great to show up and remind these people that while they root for us, we’re pulling for them. We’re in the trenches with them, too,” Frost said in Norfolk. “Nebraska people are resilient. They’re strong. They’ll get through about anything. The three communities we’re going to stop in today mean a lot to all of us. I know they had to battle through some tough times earlier this year.”

The group first stopped in Norfolk and will visit Fremont and Ashland later in the day.

Women’s basketball coach Amy Williams, softball coach Rhonda Revelle and wrestling coach Mark Manning are also traveling with the program.