Beginning Stages Of CO2 Pipeline Project Provided To County Commissioners

WAYNE – A series of preliminary information was provided to Wayne County Board of Commissioners during their regularly scheduled meeting on a CO2 pipeline.

From the Public Safety Annex, the Wayne County Board of Equalization first met to make a correction on personal property which had the wrong amount. Also, County Assessor Dawn Duffy brought information forward on a real estate correction that had recently paid off TIF bonds that will now show a split from the properties of Dollar General (West) and Herman Chiropractic.

Daityn Murty, Director of Government Relations at CP Strategies, LLC visited with the Board of Commissioners and answered a few questions from the public on a five-state, 2,000-mile of newly constructed CO2 pipeline.

Summit Carbon Solutions is headquartered in Ames, IA and began in 2020. The company is looking to lower greenhouse gas emissions by connecting industrial facilities by strategic infrastructure to store carbon dioxide safely and permanently.

In total, roughly 314 miles will be located in the state of Nebraska with the route of the pipeline still in the works. There are 31 ethanol partners across the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and North Dakota broken down into 20 ethanol plants who are partnering with Summit Carbon along with six in Nebraska. They include Louis Dreyfus (Norfolk), Husker Ag (Plainview) as well as Green Plains (Atkinson, Wood River, York and Central City.

The CO2 would be piped up to North Dakota and stored several thousand feet below ground.

There is currently about 5,000 miles of CO2 pipeline that exists across the United States.

Murty gave information in the preliminary stage and stated there would be changes. Each landowner being affected would have a land agent assigned to them so both parties can work together and be compensated. The project is looking to go online in 2024 as during 2022, townhall meetings will be set up to inform the public on more information.

More information can be found at

Doug Nelson also brought forward his thoughts on vandalism, theft and drugs in Wayne County. His ideas were to double penalties handed down by the judge, set a reward or bounty and look to deputize property taxpayers to assist law enforcement. He stated more research would still need to be done. Other information included wind energy security agreements and if this could affect taxpayers in Wayne County. County Attorney, Amy Miller said the board would either have to implement zoning or could restrict which routes the wind company could go and where they could drive.

No action was taken.

Deb Allemann-Dannelly, Clerk of the District Court shared information on courtroom technology upgrades. The board is waiting for both the courts to get on the same page and provide a “blueprint” of what audio, sound and video monitors would be needed and where they would go in the courtroom.

Wayne County Board of Commissioners also appointed County Attorney Miller to sign up Wayne County in support of the National Opioid Litigation Settlement Class Action Suite. Miller didn’t know how much money each state would be getting but a percentage would go to Wayne County as the board also voted for those funds to be designated to the county.

Closing out the agenda, commissioners set the salaries for the 2023-27 term of office with no one from the public speaking. The base salary for the commissioners will remain the same with the possibility to earn additional funds by putting in hours while working on the roads.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, January 4.