Beef To School Day Carries On Through Cold, Rainy Weather


WAYNE – Even though the grill had to stay covered, food was cooked inside the Wayne Jr/Sr High School during a “Beef to School Day” event.

Thursday afternoon, Wayne Community Schools students were served burgers by the Wayne County Farm Bureau and Nebraska Cattlemen. The idea of “Beef to School Day” came from some people in the Randolph area.

John Magnuson has been the secretary at Wayne County Farm Bureau for about a year and a half. He talked about the idea of trying to connect the kids at school with where their beef comes from.

“Where their food comes from,” said Magnuson. “Trying to get an idea of what these kids’ level of understanding is from the farm production side.”

The beef came from Wayne County.

Judy Poehlman has been the food service manager for 26 years and with Wayne Community Schools for 39. She said they were hoping to serve 800 students.

“We serve between total kids between 700-900 depending on the meal,” Poehlman added. “That’d be elementary, high school, St. Mary’s, Tower School, Head Start and preschool.”

Along with a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, eggs and bread were all local as the school also makes homemade bread.

Magnuson mentioned the afternoon was a great way for them to connect with today’s youth.

“As time has gone on a lot of these kids don’t have parents or grandparents that came up in agriculture,” Magnuson mentioned. “So, we’re just trying to reconnect with them so they understand where their food is coming from.”

May is also beef month where Nebraskans will celebrate the impact of the beef community in the state.

The goal is to hold more of these events throughout the school year to have the students ask questions where their food comes from.