Beckman Farm Subdivision Final Plat Approved, Design Engineering Costs Approved For Upcoming Projects

WAYNE – Councilmembers heard more information on a final plat for a subdivision from the Planning Commission Tuesday night during their regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting.

From the Community Room of the Wayne Community Activity Center, Information Technology Specialist, Brian Kesting gave his report.

Kesting has held his current position since 2003 and stated it’s been about a year since the Ransomware attack.

Mayor Cale Giese shared from the report how the City of Wayne has improved the technology system.

“A lot of times you don’t make that big leap forward in your systems until something bad happens,” said Giese. “We got better back-up systems and they’re more protected.”

Two of the three public hearings pertained to rezoning an area of land north of Fredrickson splitting off 2.5 acres to be rezoned from A-1 (Agriculture) to A-2 (Agriculture Residential). The three required readings were waived to accept the final plat of the “Beckman Farm Subdivision”.

The third public hearing featured a preliminary plat for “Greenwood Addition”. The cemetery is one large tax lot and the water tower is another tax lot. The City of Wayne put everything together into a plat.

The City of Wayne wants to help Greenwood Cemetery with the western-most driveway, according to City Administrator Wes Blecke.

“What this plat does is it actually plats that street if you will, it’s a driveway, as an out-lot to the city,” Blecke added. “It gives us access to our water tower because right now we go through the cemetery to our water tower. Really as a favor they allow us to do that.”

City officials take a large pick-up truck on the road every day.

Councilmembers then approved the proposal and approved an engineering agreement between the City of Wayne and McLaury Engineering, Inc. extending 4th Street through Centennial along with design costs for Thorman Street and Cityside Drive projects.

City officials are waiting to see if there’ll be stimulus money coming down the line as the Biden administration moves into office. Council also discussed a possible shovel-ready project being 21st Street and Centennial Road.

Giese mentioned this would save taxpayer money.

“If this doesn’t happen, well we paid for the design early and we’ll put it on the shelf for a while and then we’ll revisit it when we are ready to do it,” Giese mentioned. “Pioneering a little bit design in hopes that we can scoop up some federal funds. If we do it, this is going to be a grand slam for the city.”

City officials have heard anywhere from 50 – 90% from the federal funds as they’ll also negotiate with Wayne County officials for the 21st Street protect with most of that extending outside of city limits.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting will be on Tuesday, February 2. Discussion of the City of Wayne mask requirement will take place in early February as a sunset date of 11:59 p.m. has been set for Tuesday, February 2 but could be extended.

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