Avera eCARE Emergency Services To Boost Already Great Care From PMC Nurses, Local Providers


WAYNE – Nurses and local providers at Providence Medical Center in Wayne went through training for a new service that PMC can add to their already outstanding services.

Throughout Wednesday morning and into the afternoon, PMC launched their Avera eCARE Emergency system where employees went through training for the services. Thanks to a grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Trust, the state-of-the-art technology can look at injuries, cardiac monitors or even past medical history.

CEO of PMC, Jim Frank said after a push of the button a board-certified emergency physician and a certified emergency room nurse will be on the screen to assist in any case that would come in.

“For instance, if there’s a trauma or a code in the middle of the night and our staff is limited, they can provide assistance,” said Frank. “Whether it be documentation, whether it be clinical expertise. Anything that would come about. They can even help with lining up the transfers to other facilities.”

Each year, Providence Medical Center provides emergency services to thousands of patients in the area as the ER, open 24/7, is equipped to handle any patient that needs to be treated. With the addition of Avera eCARE Emergency, this will only enhance the already great care the local providers offer.

The 24-7 program connects emergency rooms to AVERA Health’s central hub with the assistance with audio and video equipment in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Two of PMC’s emergency rooms will house the eCARE equipment where a physician can be available to start critical care as a local provider arrives and even, in some cases, before the ambulance arrives.

Staff from Avera eCARE trained the nurses and work clerks on how to use the system.

Marcia Spahr, RN is the Informatics Coordinator and was the project coordinator for the eCARE implementation. She added the eCARE service is a supplement to PMC providers to back-up their excellent care that is already being provided.

“Perhaps they need a consult emergency care provider,” Spahr added. “Or if our physicians aren’t in house and we have a critical care patient arrive before they get there, those eCARE physicians could provide some assistance to the nurses until our providers can actually get into the facility at that time and then take over that care.”

With the added layer of support, PMC providers will be able to give their full attention to their patient.


Risk Management COO and also the individual who applied for as well as secured the grant, Kris Giese stated PMC is fortunate to be able to take advantage of the generosity of the Helmsley Trust grant.

“The technology won’t replace care by our local physicians or hospital staff, but it certainly will provide them with the opportunity for additional support when needed, Giese mentioned. “To allay any concerns about confidentiality, the audio and video equipment is not in use unless we activate it and the encounters are never recorded. Patients are informed prior to utilization of the system and can refuse it. In emergency medicine, there are circumstances where every minute counts. Telemedicine is such a great option for hospitals our size that don’t have the capability of staffing an onsite emergency physician on a 24 hour per day basis.”

This grant facilitated the addition of the telemedicine technology to the PMC Emergency Department.

Nicole Haglund, VP of Nursing Services mentioned, “our nursing and ancillary staff are looking forward to utilizing this service. During training our staff expressed their excitement about this service also serving as a second set of hands to help back up our documentation processes. With this additional support, we are excited about the enhanced focus our patients will receive.”

For more information visit https://www.providencemedical.com/, call 402-375-3800 or go to averaecare.org.