Ashley Kraemer Nominated By Three U.S. Legislators For U.S. Naval & U.S. Air Force Academies

Ashley Kraemer Nominated By Three U.S. Legislators For U.S. Naval & U.S. Air Force Academies
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WAYNE – Ashley Kraemer of Allen, has been nominated to the U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Air Force Academy by Senator Deb Fischer. Additionally, Senator Ben Sasse nominated Kraemer for the Naval Academy, while Congressman Adrian Smith recommended her for the Air Force Academy.

That is three total nominations for the senior at Allen Consolidated Schools and two for each academy. Kraemer noted she had to retrieve personal information, letters of recommendation, and write essays to apply for these nominations.

Kraemer talked about what happens next.

“Since I got a nomination, I’m able to continue with the process. My application will go to the admissions review board for both of the service academies,” she said. “Then, they will review my application.”

Following the process of reviewal, the admissions board will accept or deny applications.

Kraemer mentioned what these nominations mean for her chances of getting accepted.

“I would say getting at least two nominations, will definitely make my application look better,” she stated.

According to Kraemer, she may be leaning toward the Air Force Academy at this time. She was sure it will be a tough decision if she gets accepted by both academies.

While keeping her options open, Kraemer talked about why she wanted to join one of these institutions.

“I think it would be a great opportunity for me. It would allow me to travel, and I guess I’ve been looking into mathematics right now and that’s what I would hope to pursue at the academy,” she said.

Kraemer is involved with several activities at Allen Consolidated Schools. She played volleyball for one year and is on the track and field team. Furthermore, Kraemer is involved with one-act play production, competitive speech, quiz bowl, National Honor Society, and science research. She was recently announced as Valedictorian of her class.