American Postal Workers Union Holds Convention in Norfolk

Norfolk, NE –  U.S. Postal workers from across the state gathered in Norfolk Friday and Saturday for their annual American Postal Workers Union convention.

The event was held at the Divots convention center in Norfolk. Throughout the two days, members of the union discuss current issues facing the postal service and communities around Nebraska. One of the most pressing issues currently facing the union is privatization.

“We are always on a continued fight to keep our jobs and to keep your post office open.” Lori Hanel, President of the Norfolk 1187 for the APU, says. “Instead of privatizing, we would like to keep it it’s own entity because we do provide an amazing service, and you get a good product for your dollar.”

Not only did the union workers discuss current issues, they also decided to help Nebraska communities.

A total of 152 stuffed animals, 151 books, food, and hundreds of dollars where collected and donated to multiple organizations around Norfolk and the state.

Bonnie Kroeger, State Secretary and Secretary Treasurer of the 1187, says the books and stuffed animals will go to the Wesley Center in Norfolk, the Salvation Army, and the Nebraska Child Advocacy Center. The food products will go to the Norfolk community pantry and a portion the funds donated will go to Boyd county flood relief, where the Spencer Dam was washed away during the March floods.

The convention wrapped up on Saturday when the agencies came to accept the donations.