Ambulance Fundraiser Challenge To End Saturday, Providence Medical Center Needs Your Help

Ambulance Fundraiser Challenge To End Saturday, Providence Medical Center Needs Your Help
Courtesy of PMC.

WAYNE – Providence Medical Center in Wayne is hosting their final ambulance fundraiser to assist with the purchase of a new ‘car’ for their Superheroes.

According to a release from PMC, donations will make a major impact on the delivery and quality of rural healthcare in northeast Nebraska.

Melissa Nelsen, Director of Foundation for Providence Medical Center said every good superhero needs a supercar.

“Our healthcare professionals need a new car; we need a new ambulance to replace one of our older models,” said Nelsen. “So, we launched what’s referred to as a peer-to-peer campaign on Facebook (Providence Medical Center) and it can also be found on our website (”

In late 2019, fundraising efforts for a new ambulance began and continued throughout 2020 with the goal of around $200,000. The group is over halfway to their goal and is hosting their final fundraiser with a goal of $30,000 which ends Saturday, December 12.

The ambulance service at PMC is certified for both Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). The ALS certification requires a crew with a level of training/education that facilitates care of cardiac patients as well as those requiring special support such as medication administration, intravenous (IV) line initiation, and a variety of additional advanced support modalities.

PMC currently has three ambulances in their fleet as they’re well maintained and outwardly appear to be new, but extensive service has been conducted on their 1996 model and will be the ambulance to retire upon the  purchase of a new one.

There was a need for some sponsorship and Nelsen would like to thank those sponsors who didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’ to support the final ambulance fundraiser along with great community support.

“Elkhorn Valley Bank & Trust has sponsored and they’re a Gold Sponsor for us,” Nelsen mentioned. “State Nebraska Bank & Trust is a silver sponsor and then our Bronze sponsors are Pinnacle Bank of Wisner, Grossenburg Implement and Pac N Save.”

According to a 2010 study conducted by Nebraska Center for Rural Health Research, only 18% of Nebraska ambulance services are ALS certified, making this a very important aspect of the emergency care provided to the population served by PMC where most of the area Emergency Medical Service (EMS) response teams are certified as BLS only.

Providence Medical Center operates one of only six percent of hospital-based ambulance services in the state of Nebraska.  Owning and operating the ambulance service out of the hospital enables control of the selection and management of the personnel to ensure availability, appropriate training and competency of those on the scene in critical situations.

To help PMC continue to provide the same level of quality service to those in critical need and to continue to be on standby at all athletic games and events in the Wayne area, a new ambulance is needed.

Staff and friends have created individual fundraising pages and have been sharing those on Facebook. As of Tuesday late afternoon, the PMC Ambulance Fundraiser has reached 50% of their goal of $30,000.

“The other thing people can always still do is go ahead and send (mail-in) their donations to the Providence Medical Center Foundation,” Nelsen mentioned. “That address is 1200 Providence Road Wayne, NE 68787 and we’d be happy to put that donation toward our ambulance fund.”

For questions or more information, contact Nelsen at 402-375-7922 or visit their fundraising page.


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