Agriculture Is #1 Industry in Nebraska, Straight From The Good Life Campaign Highlighted

Agriculture Is #1 Industry in Nebraska, Straight From The Good Life Campaign Highlighted
Courtesy of Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

LINCOLN – An announcement was made earlier this week about the Department of Agriculture launching a new branding program for products grown and made in Nebraska.

Governor Pete Ricketts held his weekly press briefing Monday morning from the Governor’s Hearing Room in the Nebraska State Capitol. Governor Ricketts was joined by NDA Director Steve Wellman.

Prior to sharing the exciting news in regard to the department of agriculture, Governor Ricketts talked about the ways to be able to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

“Stay that six feet away when you go out in public, put a mask on when you go to a store,” said Ricketts. “When you’re close to people it’s going to give the virus the opportunity to spread. Wash your hands frequently, avoid crowded bars and restaurants.”

Updated numbers from earlier this week saw 36% hospital beds available, 35% of ICU’s and 84% of ventilators. Over 180,000 tests have been recorded through with between 50 – 60% of the tests being conducted through Test Nebraska testing sites.

The updated Nebraska Straight from the Good Life branding campaign from the department of agriculture will help promote Nebraska companies what they do.

Wellman added he expects this program to be something that serves companies who partner with farmers and ranchers to buy and process their products.

“We want it to be for the companies so they can promote themselves,” Wellman added. “We want it to be useful for the potential customers so they can be educated and informed about what Nebraska has to offer and about what these companies have to offer to serve their consumers and the people that those companies overseas are trying to feed and provide services for.”

Governor Ricketts brought up an example about getting Nebraska growing when he traveled to Vietnam last year promoting Nebraska products. Right before the pandemic began, a delegation from Vietnam visited the state and the group signed a memorandum of understanding to buy about three billion dollars of Nebraska products over the next two to three years. Nebraska is the #1 beef exporter in Vietnam with beef exports up 56% and pork exports up 84% this year even with the pandemic.

“So, again the relationships we develop are important; that’s how we sell our products,” Ricketts mentioned. “We got the best beef in the world right here in Nebraska. We want to go out to highlight and promote that. So, that’s what we do on these trade missions. That’s where branding ourselves as a state where you get the best beef and all these other great products is so important.”

Currently over 30 companies that have committed to participating in the branding but the group is actively searching for more.

For more information on the program or for companies who want to participate visit