Agenda Items Pertaining To Roads Agreement Fees Pushed Too Next Commissioners Meeting

WAYNE – Due to weather the Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting was delayed an hour and moved to the County Clerk’s office Tuesday morning.

All three Commissioners, the clerk, attorney and two members of the Wayne County Sheriff’s office were in attendance.

Chairmen of the board, Commissioner for District 3, Jim Rabe said the meeting was mainly needed to pay the bills.

“I figured we could probably do that over the phone, but we just as well (meet),” said Rabe. “I said I know I could get there. The biggest thing was the visibility and most of all the way (from Winside) I could see a quarter or a half a mile.”

Rabe also added everyone made it into work but there were some people to help out.

“There was a semi stuck by the church, the roads blocked north of town,” Rabe added. “I don’t know if they were going to go up there and check that out later when it maybe let up a little bit. Otherwise, there was a truck stuck south of town and there was another one by the co-op.”

The main topic from the meeting was preparing to set the fees for both NextEra and Plum Creek wind energy companies. This will be done during the next meeting.

Also, Berggren Architects presented an update on the Courthouse Exterior Renovation Project during a previous meeting. The Commissioners are still waiting on prices, but now they have a recommended procedure to follow.

“But now the roof is worse than what they thought,” Rabe mentioned. “So, now we may have to roof the building first and then go from there so it doesn’t leak down onto the bricks like it’s doing now.”

The next Wayne County Board of Commissioners regularly scheduled meeting will be on Tuesday, March 20 at 9 a.m.