AAA Wants People To Drive Carefully While Viewing Christmas Light Displays

BURNSVILLE, MN – AAA advocated for safe driving this holiday season, especially while viewing Christmas lights. Sometimes people get caught gazing at lights while attempting to steer, which can lead to accidents. The following are some tips from AAA to stay safe while viewing light displays.

Always watch for pedestrians considering they may also be looking at lights. Make sure to remain seated and buckled, even while parked.

If planning to take a picture, rearrange navigation, or do any task that distracts from driving, pull over to the side of the road. Do not come to a complete stop in a traffic lane. Pass vehicles safely and legally if someone is stopped in a traffic lane. When visiting a drive-through Christmas lights event, some places might request to turn off car headlights. If this is the case, remember to turn the car’s headlights back on when exiting the event.

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