A Little Piece of History: Military Uniform Display at the Winside Museum

WINSIDE, NE (News Channel Nebraska) – From the outside, it looks like a typical church.

But inside this Winside church, don’t expect to see anything religious because this church is actually a museum.

“It’s just a wonderful place, it almost gives you a sense of peace to be in here and to really think about what these men and women went through all these years ago,” says Shelli Keiser, one of the members of Friends of the Winside Museum.

At the Winside Museum, you’ll get a chance to stand close to history as you observe over thirty military uniforms and memorabilia ranging from World War I to present time.

“We have a prisoner of war, we have someone who was on the USS Indianapolis, we just have some tremendous pieces here and they’re clean and they’re wonderful to come see,” says Keiser. “It really just brought life into this church.”

With each uniform, telling a unique story.

“This is not just a uniform, it’s a story of a person whose life has changed going to the military,” says Lori Finn, member of the Friends of the Winside Museum. “We’re very proud of our military people from Winside.”

This display will be running from June 15th from 6pm to 8pm to June 16th from 1pm to 4pm and is open to the public.

“I highly encourage people to take the drive over to Winside,” says Keiser. ” We would really just like to see people come through…it’s a wonderful piece to see,” says Keiser.