Wednesday 2 PM Dismissals To Begin Next School Year, Action Items Approved

WAYNE – Several action items were approved during the Wayne Community Schools Board of Education regularly scheduled meeting earlier this week.

From the Community Room of the Wayne Jr/Sr High School, the board began by hearing an update about the math position. Nick Curnyn of Allen has been hired for the junior high Math position joining current Wayne Community Schools math teachers of Mr. Adam Hoffman and Ms. Lauren Gilliland.

The school is still pursuing the head football coaching position and are looking for more para’s as they had a para recently resign.

It took an extra month to approve 2021-22 draft calendar but all main dates remained the same while Wayne Community Schools will change up their current Friday 2 p.m. out this year for the next school year being each Wednesday at 2 p.m. Superintendent of Wayne Community Schools, Dr. Mark Lenihan said the 2 p.m. dismissals have been helpful but have kept teachers away from staff meetings and other in-service time.

“We’re going to switch it to Wednesday’s because Wednesday’s typically there are no after-school activities in terms of games and things,” said Lenihan. “So, we thought that’d be the least interruptive where we can have all of our teachers there and start then our practices at normal times at 3:45 p.m.”

The after-school program will continue at the elementary school as the Wednesday dismissals will be evaluated at the end of next school year.

The Wayne Community Schools Board of Education adopted a resolution and ranked the two companies who presented for the Position of Construction Manager at Risk pertaining to the restroom project. They include as Otte Construction of Wayne as #1 and Hausmann Construction on Norfolk as #2.

This would be for the second-floor restrooms at the high school and the lower-level teacher break area and restrooms. The project will begin this summer.

Six heat pumps were approved for the elementary school through Rasmussen Mechanical Services for about $33,000 from the buildings fund with an additional three being purchased with a not-to-exceed amount as the manufacturer has a planned price increase of 3-5% on February 15.

Director of Maintenance Jordan Widner stated buying the six heat pumps would create an overall savings of $4,500 and this project will begin this summer.

Another purchase made Monday night pertained to scoreboards in the elementary gym. The current scoreboards were brought over from the high school 20 years ago which had a few years on them prior.

Dr. Lenihan added Pepsi used to provide schools with scoreboards as an incentive, but now just send cash.

“So, this kind of works well,” Dr. Lenihan added. “It’s about $12,000 for the two. They’re nothing extravagant just enough for what we need over there. But we do use that gym a lot and not only for ball games and volleyball and basketball, but Mr. Hoskins with P.E. uses them quite a bit too. So, it’ll be good to have some new ones that work well.”

Personal Finance as a graduation requirement was approved as a five-credit course. This now increases in the number of total credits to graduate being 225 which is lower compared to other schools around the area. Three section would be offered beginning next school year with two in the fall and one more in the spring. There is no financial obligation to the district as the school already has the materials and staff to offer the course.

The Wayne Community Schools Board of Education will hold a special meeting on Monday, February 15 to approve the restroom project contract from Otte Construction. A potential contract with Providence Medical Center for occupational and physical therapy services along with the ESU1 service contract will also be addressed next week.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be on Monday, March 8.