ChamberPercs Showcased Wayne State College In Place Of Chamber Coffee

WAYNE – With no in-person Chamber Coffee being hosted last week, ChamberPercs carried on through the Wayne, NE Facebook page with Wayne State College beginning their fall semester Monday.

Executive Director, Luke Virgil with Wayne Area Economic Development joined WSC President Marysz Rames from the Willow Bowl Friday at 11 a.m.

For the last two weeks, incoming freshmen and transfer students staggered their move-in. President Rames said there was big no move in day this year.

“So, it’s been a really calm move in if you might say,” said Rames. “We’ve had about four sessions a day, 25 families per session, so about 100 families per day.”

Following each ‘mini’ move in there was a 30-minute session talking about the changes this year.

The four pillars are masks, hygiene, social distancing and self-screening.

President Rames mentioned banners were installed throughout campus.

“So, I don’t know if you saw ‘We’re Safe, We’re Healthy, We’re Open’ and that’s our new slogan,” Rames added. “But I encouraged all our units to put up banners in their buildings that were personalized around the pledge.”

For those who visit campus, they will need to be aware of traffic flow when you enter and exit a building. Visit for complete details.

In-person Friday morning Chamber Coffee will return this Friday, August 21 at 10 a.m. from the Wayne Herald. ChamberPercs will also be available for those who chose or can’t make it through the Wayne, NE Facebook page (10:15 a.m.)