Weekly Update From Senator Albrecht

WAYNE – As the second session of the 106th Nebraska Legislature closed Thursday, last week was described as ‘heating up and winding down’ by a northeast Nebraska State Senator.

According to a release from District 17 Senator, Joni Albrecht, Governor Ricketts signed the budget adjustments passed by the Legislature in early August.

It was noted by Governor Ricketts, that the budget adjustments included $10,000,000 for Rural Workforce Housing, $1,500,000 for Public Health Departments, over $55,000,000 in Flood Relief and $4,000,000 in Career Scholarships, including $1,000,000 for State Colleges. Recovery from the economic impact of COVID-19 is front and center on their minds as they moved forward closing out the 2020 Legislative Session.

Senator Albrecht has discussed LB1106, the property tax relief bill many times. It was recently merged into a “Grand Proposal” bill along with economic incentives as the new bill, LB1107 was debated and eventually advanced to a second reading. None of the bills, which were standing alone, had the number of votes needed to advance. Senator Albrecht was disappointed that one of the major parts taken out of the property tax portion of the bill amounts to a loss of over $11,000,000 to District 17 schools. Senator Albrecht will continue to work on more substantial relief and fair treatment of rural schools and taxpayers.

A couple testifiers from last week also had family employed or were themselves employed at Tysons. One young man spoke of his father’s death from COVID-19. In addition to live testimony, the Committee received letters from facilities throughout Nebraska, including Tysons. The companies detailed reactive and proactive steps they took to provide a safer environment for their employees in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Senator Albrecht looks forward to looking over the bill in its entirety and listening to full debate, which she anticipates will come to the Legislature in the 2021 Session.

In addition to LB1107 and LB814, the Legislature continued to hear other priority bills dealing with issues like solid waste management and flood mitigation plans, housing density, changes the age of majority in certain circumstances, regulations regarding nail technology, cosmetology, and body art, and potentially expanding the ability of local government to utilize land banks last week. Over the next few weeks, Senator Albrecht will share more details about some of the bills that have passed this session and that will have an impact on District 17.

As always, Senator Albrecht knows it is of great importance that she hears from her constituents. Reach out to Senator Albrecht by phone at 402-471-2716 or by email at jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov.

Complete Update from 8/10/2020: Senator Albrecht Update