Area Communities Awarded Funds For Planning, Construction Of Projects Through DED

WAYNE – A handful of northeast Nebraska cities were selected for projects that were either in the planning or construction phase in April for grant funding.

According to a release from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED), 22 projects were selected in the latest round of grantees under the Nebraska’s Civic and Community Center Financing Fund (CCCFF) grant program.

On behalf of the State of Nebraska and administrated by the DED and eligible to municipalities, the program is designed to support communities as they plan and execute projects. These projects feature new city parks and aquatic centers, restore or repurpose historic auditoriums and everything in-between that preserve, develop or improve local amenities and create a higher quality of life.

Overall funds being distributed were $5,397,775.

The City of Wayne was awarded $10,000 for the Civic Activity Center Study under the April 16 planning category. The total amount of money awarded to the planning category was $77,250.

Northeast Nebraska towns being represented under the construction category include $80,000 for the City of Hooper’s Project Dream Baseball Field renovation; $562,000 for the City of Laurel’s new Civic Center; $1.125 million for the City of Norfolk’s Johnson Park improvements and $60,000 for the City of Scribner’s Mohr Auditorium renovations. The overall amount of funds for construction category projects was $5,320,525.

More information about the Civic and Community Center Financing Fund grant program or questions on eligibility requirements can be found by visiting Contact Jenny B. Mason at or 402-471-6280 as the Nebraska Department of Economic Development will release more information as the 2021 application cycle approaches.


Projects being awarded under the Planning category, and their descriptions, are listed below:

  • City of Ainsworth, Pool/Park Feasibility Study: $3,000
  • City of Alma, Auditorium Feasibility Study: $12,500
  • City of Lexington, Indoor Recreation Center: $15,000
  • City of Tilden, New Civic/Community Center Study: $9,250
  • City of Wayne, Civic Activity Center Study: $10,000
  • City of Wood River, Public Library/Senior Center Study: $12,500
  • Village of Dorchester, Community Facilities Master Plan: $15,000

Total: $77,250.00

Projects being awarded under the Construction category, and their descriptions, include:

  • City of Alliance, Sunken Garden Restoration Project, $483,770.50
  • City of Arapahoe, Public Library Renovations, $372,172
  • City of Atkinson, Community Center Renovations, $58,866
  • City of Bridgeport, Tennis Court Renovation, $99,900
  • City of Cambridge, Municipal Swimming Pool Renovation, $310,000
  • City of Grant, New Swimming Facility, $562,000
  • City of Hebron, New Aquatic Facility, $562,000
  • City of Hooper, Project Dream Baseball Field Renovation, $80,000
  • City of Laurel, New Civic Center, $562,000
  • City of Norfolk, Johnson Park Improvements, $1,125,000
  • City of Scottsbluff, Rebuild and Renew 23 Club Baseball Park, $74,171.50
  • City of Scribner, Mohr Auditorium Renovations, $60,000
  • City of York, City Auditorium Renovations, $562,000
  • Village of Roseland, New Community Center, $375,000
  • Village of Table Rock, Table Rock Park Improvements, $33,645

Total: $5,320,525.00