Wayne High Seniors To Be Recognized During Cruise Night Event

WAYNE – With many school districts finding different ways to recognize their outgoing senior class in the month of May, a special Cruise Main in Wayne night has been set up in their honor.

Wayne High seniors will celebrate their final day of school on Friday, May 1 and the evening will conclude with the cruise night.

A Wayne High senior parent Sonya Tompkins, who has two seniors graduating, contacted Jill Brodersen who then pointed her in the direction of Cruise Main in Wayne.

“They were actually going to honor the kids on their regular cruise night on the 15th for this next month,” said Tompkins. “But this is their last day of school (May 1) and rather than just turning off a computer at home and being like ‘well I’m done’ we can have something fun for them.”

The 2020 class will leave, in their vehicles, from the high school parking lot at 7 p.m. Friday. Community members are invited to congratulate and cheer on these seniors from their yards or vehicles along the procession route. Health officials are reminding that there should be at least eight feet of distance in between vehicles and to continue social distancing.

Special ribbons will be placed on the vehicle of the seniors for the event.

Once all of the seniors have passed, community members are invited to join in a great night of cruising, but make sure to follow social distancing guidelines.

“Then we have the old fire truck at the end of procession,” Tompkins added. “People when they see that, they’ll that know all the seniors have gone past now and we want all of them to just join in on a fun night of cruising.”

Senior class sponsor Mr. Dwaine Spieker will lead the procession east from the high school on 7th Street towards Main Street before heading south through downtown and turn around at Victor Park to go back north. The route has also been extended to go north on Main Street (Hwy 15) towards Wayne State College, turn east on Lindahl Drive before looping around both Countryview Care and Rehabilitation as well as Brookdale.

If all seniors participate, there could be up to 71 vehicles in the procession.

Event information posted by Wayne Community Schools includes each senior should be in their own vehicle as doubling up with friends will not be allowed, but family members can ride along in the car. Vehicles can be decorated but they must be done prior to arriving at the high school parking lot. Seniors are asked to arrive at the high school starting at 6:40 p.m. using the west entrance as parking lot attendees will then form the line of cars.

For more information, like Wayne Community Schools and Cruise Main in Main on Facebook or contact the school at 402-375-3150 with any questions.

“All I’m asking is that we can have as many community members out there celebrating these kids because it’s been hard,” Tompkins mentioned. “Because its been not the normal way seniors end their year, so I’m hoping that they get lots of horn honks and cheers from the community.”

Upcoming Cruise Main in Wayne events will be May 15, June 19, July 17, August 21 and September 18.