Steady Flow Of Vehicles In Northeast Nebraska Were Met With Product From Michael Foods During Community Strong Events


WAKEFIELD – Excitement filled the air as two trucks from the Wakefield and Bloomfield Michael Foods plants delivered boxes of food to 11 surrounding communities over a three-day period.

‘Community Strong’ events took place from Tuesday, April 14 through Thursday, April 16, where over 6,000 northeast Nebraska families would receive product from Michael Foods.

Joe Brown is the Wakefield Farm Operation Manager and has been with the company for roughly nine years and his position for about three years. Brown said it was a crazy morning Wednesday in Emerson.

“We had cars lined up before we got started and opened the gates a little bit earlier than 9 o’clock which we had planned on,” said Brown. “Went through about 320 boxes in about an hour to an hour and a half.”

Each box weighed roughly 41 pounds with product including liquid eggs, hard-cook eggs, diced potatoes, shredded potatoes and mashed potatoes.

Michael Foods in Wakefield delivered to Wakefield, Emerson, Allen and Wayne while the Bloomfield location planned on traveling to Bloomfield, Plainview, Hartington, Creighton, Osmond, Crofton and Wausa.

The first community visited was Wakefield on Tuesday.

“That one went really well,” Brown added. “We delivered there from 3 – 6 (Tuesday) and did about 450-455 boxes there. So, good turnouts at both locations so far.”

Residents in and around Wayne stopped by Journey Christian Church Wednesday evening where there were over 500 boxes waiting to be picked up by a drive-thru service.

Brown added when the boxes are placed inside the vehicle people are excited and there have been  a lot of thank you’s.

“You can tell people appreciate it,” Brown mentioned. “So, it’s good to be able to help out all of our surrounding communities. A lot of these people work for us, so it’s been pretty fun.”

Residents from the Hartington area stopped at the Fire Hall where they began with 276 boxes with more on its way Wednesday afternoon.

Osmond, Crofton and Wausa along with the tribe areas will also have boxes Thursday. More information about Michael Foods, Inc. can be found at or like Michael Foods on Facebook.