PPE Volunteers Needed, Sidewalk Chalk Fun Through April 18

WAYNE – Officials with the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department are in search for volunteers to help sort and distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies.

According to a release from executive director, Luke Virgil with Wayne Area Economic Development, the health department will need these volunteers to regularly be available each week as PPE shipments are anticipated to occur weekly.

Volunteers will be trained on Tuesday, April 14 and Thursday, April 16.

There will be a limit of volunteers to maintain the social distancing and the group of 10 people or less. Three members from the Northeast Nebraska Public Power District along with two public health employees will be attending.

Contact program coordinator Peggy Triggs at NNPHD by calling 402-375-2200 or email peggy@nnphd.org.

Chamber officials are also looking to pass along an event by bringing joy to residents of Wayne Countryview Care and Rehabilitation. Community members are asked to decorate their sidewalks with chalk from now until Saturday, April 18.

Make sure to enjoy being outside, go for a walk and make a stop at Wayne Countryview Care and Rehabilitation for some fun by chalking their sidewalks located at 811 East 14th Street. Photos will be posted of some of the artwork on the Wayne Countryview Care and Rehabilitation Facebook page.