Serenity School Of Massage To Host Chamber Coffee Friday Morning

WAYNE – A new business in Wayne opened earlier this fall and all are invited to join Serenity School of Massage Therapy for Friday morning chamber coffee.

Close out the final chamber coffee in September with the School of Massage at 10 a.m. Serenity can be found inside the Mid City Plaza on the corner of Pearl and West 2nd Street.

Holly Doring has been in practice since August of 2011 and is the owner and school’s lead teacher. She said after a friend suggested their current location it fit right in as her grandpa owned a steakhouse and apartment in Wayne.

“So, this part was the pub part where the school is at,” said Doring, “The other sections that the other businesses are in was the steakhouse part. So yeah, I grew up in this building which is kind of crazy. We grew up running back and forth from grandma and grandpa’s apartment to the steakhouse.”

The School of Massage opened August of 2019. The space was previously occupied by financial offices as the school just had a lot of cosmetic work in painting and carpets being cleaned.

Along with the two students, Doring and Joni Holdorf (Holly’s mom) works as the office manager at the School of Massage Therapy. After the first of the year the students will start clinic hours where they’ll be required to do 300 clinic hours.

“So then 200 of those hours then they’ll have to get in the clinic,” Doring added. “Those will be here and scheduled with people from the public that come in. They’ll do one-hour massages and they’ll be $25 for a student massage.”

Four-hour classes are held every day of the week from 8 a.m. until noon on Monday, Thursday and Friday and 1 – 5 p.m. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.

Students began class on August 19 and will graduate August 9, 2020. The main requirement to join the class is to be 18 years of age as there are currently six interested in taking the class next year with a maximum of 10 accepted.