2020 Aviation Art Contest Open, Posters Due January 2021

2020 Aviation Art Contest Open, Posters Due January 2021
image via: https://twitter.com/NebraskaDOT/photo

LINCOLN – The Nebraska Department of Transportation/Division of Aeronautics is sponsoring the annual Aviation Art Contest. They have run this contest every year since 1986. Sparking interest in aeronautics, engineering, math, and science for young people is the goal of the contest. There are three age categories: ages 6 – 9, 10 – 13, and 14 – 17. Boys and girls are encouraged to participate. The theme for 2020 is “A Friendlier World with Air Sports.”

People think of many different things when it comes to aviation. Most people think about gliders, hot-air balloons, or planes. Great friendships are created in the process of making these things. This keeps people coming back to air sports and it connects people across the globe.

For kids ages 6 through 17, it is time to display creativity by making a poster. The instructions are to create a poster about what comes to mind when thinking about “A Friendlier World with Air Sports.” January 19, 2021 is the due date for the Aviation Art Contest. For more information, email David Morris at david.morris@nebraska.gov or call to 402-471-2371.