2018-19 Winter Weather Numbers, Awareness Day Is Scheduled For Thursday

WAYNE – As the Winter Weather Awareness Day approaches for two midwest states the National Weather Service has provided information from this past year’s snowfall totals.

According to a release from the National Weather Service, Nebraska and Iowa will celebrate their Winter Weather Awareness Day on Thursday, November 7.

Seven communities in Nebraska saw an increase of normal snowfall last winter. The largest difference came from the Lincoln area where they normally receive 25.9” but had 55.5” in 2018-19 resulting in 214% more snow than in the past. Norfolk in northeast Nebraska, received only 95% of their normal amount of 29” this past winter season from their average 30.5”. The highest total again was in western Nebraska where Scottsbluff received 71.4” of snowfall in 2018-19 compared to their normal 42.1” (+170%).

Following the official winter weather outlook being issued by the Climate Prediction Center (CPC), current forecasts for the December through February period do favor above normal precipitation with a tendency of near to above normal temperatures across portions of the state.

NWS Officials welcome all to go over the winter weather packet which also highlights winter weather dangers, safety tips, travel tips and reviews for each region.

Social media topics that will be covered on the NWSOmaha Facebook and Twitter accounts: https://www.weather.gov/media/oax/IANEWWAD2019.pdf

Monday – Winter weather terminology
Tuesday – Prepping your home/vehicle
Wednesday – Winter dangers (wind chill, frostbite, hypothermia)
Thursday – What to do  if you’re trapped outside/in your car/indoors
Friday – Precipitation types and how to measure snow