Vigil To Uphold The Basic Human Rights Of Refugees Scheduled For Friday Evening

WAYNE – Plan on joining ‘Lights for Liberty’ during Henoween of the Wayne Chicken Show this weekend.

Lights for Liberty will host a vigil to uphold the basic human rights of refugees and the event will take place on Friday, July 12 at 8 p.m. from Henry Victor Park.

This candlelight vigil will be held in Wayne to advocate for the safety and dignity of migrants being held in U. S. Detention Centers. All who are concerned about the reports of inhumane and dangerous conditions in these detention centers are invited to join in this peaceful call to conscience.

Lights for Liberty is a national “coalition of people, many of whom are mothers, dedicated to human rights, and the fundamental principle behind democracy that all human beings have a right to life, liberty and dignity.” Gatherings are being organized at detention centers and in local communities throughout the country on July 12.

Henry Victor Park is located on the south end of Main Street. There will be a brief message on the purpose of the vigil as participants will receive a small LED candle while walking silently along Main Street to the parking lot of Our Savior Lutheran Church, where a brief service will conclude the vigil.

Join Lights for Liberty in this non-partisan and interdenominational vigil. Their intent is to draw attention to the inhumane treatment of migrant children and families, many of whom are asylum seekers trying to come legally through ports of entry.

As Americans, we do not accept the human rights abuses in these overcrowded and unsafe centers. We cannot ignore the separation of children from parents, and the reports of sexual abuse and deaths of human beings in U.S. custody.