Heggemeyer Hired As Park, Rec Director For The City Of Wayne

WAYNE – In mid-June a new position was filled within the City of Wayne.

Lowell Heggemeyer was named the Parks and Recreation Director last Monday as the City of Wayne maintains many parks and recreational facilities for citizens and visitors.

Heggemeyer talked about what he oversees.

“Well the CAC (Community Activity Center), the swimming pool, baseball, softball and parks,” said Heggemeyer. “Overseeing the fields are getting taken care of. I’ll have several people underneath me to help with that.”

There are 107 acres of green space in Wayne. Some discussion took place during the June 11 City Council meeting about the mowing is getting to be a lot and what they’ll be doing with their parks.

A Recreation Coordinator is still in the works of being hired that will work under Heggemeyer at the Activity Center.

“If they have any problems, they can call me,” Heggemeyer added. “But otherwise I’m going to be out and about trying to take care of the parks yet, take care of the fields and still helping with concrete too, probably.”

Contact Heggemeyer at 402-375-4803 or email lheggemeyer@cityofwayne.org for questions.

Visit the cityofwayne.org website for more information.